New loco for the MLR

A second tram loco has entered the MLR fleet. Sir Theodore is a Glyn Valley Tramway locomotive which joins Stanley tram no.8 Esperanto. Sir Theodore is currently engaged in running-in trials on the railway and crews are having to learn to cope with a different type of engine. Secretary to the MLR board Magnus Fishdyke … [Read more…]

Rail Replacement Service on the MLR

Passengers between Owlwood and Kermit Town were forced to use a rail replacement bus service on the weekend of March 19-20 because of track repairs at Owlwood Station. The platform at the western end of the station as well as pointwork had to be taken out and replaced. A root had swollen beneath the platform, … [Read more…]

Preparing for the new season

The first train of the year took to the colliery line which, after clearance of branches, mud and other accumulated winter debris, successfully completed its journey. The train, comprising the passenger stock (but devoid of passengers) was Boogles the Bandit’s first outing of 2016 with his loco Charles Hare MPS. Boogles said he had been … [Read more…]

“Slabour” of love

Two slab wagons turned out from Mossley Works underwent load trials on a test train hauled by loco no. 9 with Driver Durkle and Guard Slaithwaite in charge. The wagons were used to transport heavy slabs of state from the quarry to somewhere they could be more easily treated. Magnus Fishdyke, secretary to the MLR … [Read more…]

Better “slate” than never

A rake of eight slate wagons had their inaugural run on the damp afternoon of Christmas Eve. The wagons, turned out over the previous week in Mossley Works, were taken behind loco. no. 9, with Driver Durkle in charge, from Owlwood yard down the Ruddigore Branch.                 Returning … [Read more…]

Remembrance Day on the MLR

A remembrance day train, hauled appropriately by the MLR war department Alco, broke the ribbon at the formal opening of the Valhalla branch viaduct. Princess Petitpois performed the opening ceremony and Mossley historian Peter Boon, pictured, who opened the railway in 2009, toasted the viaduct and the branch line. Railway catering staff served champagne and … [Read more…]

Valhalla Branch Opens

An inaugural train, hauled by loco. no. 4 Emily, crossed Valhalla viaduct at the weekend on its way to a new branch-line terminus at Valhalla. The viaduct, and the subsequent high-level route to Valhalla, is supported on a series of arches built and installed by Maximus Enterprises (Mossley). Magnus Fishdyke, secretary to the MLR board, … [Read more…]

A “trolley” fine vehicle

After languishing in Mossley Works for over two years a new inspection trolley finally took to the rails. The trolley, number 10 in the MLR fleet, will help railway staff visit trouble spots on the line quickly and in relevant comfort. Magnus Fishdyke, secretary to the MLR board, said: “The trolley was purchased at Llanfair … [Read more…]

Named – at last!

Victory class locomotive Nelta has been in operation on the Mossley Light Railway for almost a year – but it’s taken that amount of time to arrange the naming ceremony. However, the ceremony took place on a damp August afternoon and was performed by Princess Petitpois from Owlwood Castle, whose ancestral home overlooks Owlwood Station. … [Read more…]

Pergola Mine Open for Business

Pergola Mine was connected to the rail network in June with a link to the narrow gauge platform at Kermit Town station. The first train, hauled by Charles Hare and driven by Boogles the Bandit, ran into the mine receiving sidings where the loco ran round its train. Charles Hare then propelled two of the … [Read more…]